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Axelrod: "Larger Priority" Of Second Term Is Rebuilding The Economy

GREGORY: To David Axelrod, Tom’s point, the perils of a second term, you all have certainly thought about this and talked to the president about it. How does he map out these next four years?

MR. DAVID AXELROD (Senior Adviser, Obama 2012 Re-Election Campaign): Well, first of all, I want to say I-- I-- I appreciate the priorities that Tom laid out. But there’s a larger priority of which this is part, which is how do you create an economy, rebuild an economy, in which the American dream, the American compact, is fresh, where people who work hard feel like they can get ahead and that’s not just about dealing with the fiscal crisis. It’s about education. It’s about research and development. It’s about controlling our energy future. All of these are part of the equation. And we can’t just do one piece of it, and we can’t let that piece prevent us or become a smoke screen for not acting on the others. So that is the challenge. How do you put that puzzle together, move forward in a balanced way, so we’re funding those kinds of priorities that we need to grow?

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