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Brokaw: GOP "Getting Smaller And Narrower"

TOM BROKAW: The president gets up with a robust electoral victory, a robust popular vote victory and starts his day with a nutritious breakfast. I mean, this is really going well for him at the dawn of the second term. You know, the debate within the Republican Party, which is underway right now, we just saw that over the weekend, in which they pulled back on what they’re going to do about the debt ceiling. They’re going to use the phrase kick the can down the road, as beginning to sound more and more like kicking the latrine down the road, by the way, when they use the reference to the can. But they-- they stepped back from their hard line position. And I think what they have to do--Joe knows a lot more about this than I do--they have to reform from within and not seem like a party that is getting smaller and narrower and-- and the opening to that party is getting much, much narrower. They have to open it up to a lot more people.

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