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Krauthammer: Obama's Gun Proposals Are Useless And Won't Go Anywhere

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Democrats are going to be the ones who stop this. Harry Reid would like to put the blame on the Republican House. He said he's not going to present anything to the Senate that won't actually pass the House which is another way of saying, 'I don't want to force Democrats in the Senate who are from red states who are opposing this legislation to make a suicidal vote in support of this if it's not going to pass.' It is a Democratic issue, it is a Democratic problem.

I give the president credit for sincerity of this. There's not a lot of political advantage in this as there is in a lot of other stuff he's pushing. He didn't have a plan to do this. This was not what he campaigned on last year, it wasn't on his agenda. It was, I think, a genuine response to the massacre in Newtown which, I think, moved him.

The problem is he doesn't know what to do and no one knows what to do. The things he signed today, the executive orders, are useless. It's the appearance of motion. I think it's sincere, he wants to do a little at the edges; a little research here, a little encouragement here. But everybody understands it's not going to make any difference. So, he is saying that the three big items are the ban on assault weapons, on the big magazines and the idea of having the background checks. I think they are not going to pass. I think he will expend some capital, but the country simply isn't ready to do anything near that. (Special Report, January 16, 2013)

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