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Scarborough: There Needs To Be Limits To The First & Second Amendment

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I've been getting some criticism by extremists on the right, who are saying that we've got to look at the magazines -- high capacity magazines -- we've got to look at the assault weapons, and we've got to ban some of these things, but I will tell you: I've found most of my conservative friends and supporters agree. These people, the survivalists, don't need assault weapons. They don't need high capacity clips.

I've been getting a lot more grief, Chris, from liberals. They'll say the Second Amendment is not absolute. But then you talk about movies. You talk about, you know, porn violence. Which is what it is. You talk about video games. They go crazy and basically accuse you of burning the American flag and ripping the Constitution to shreds. And they are the absolutist nuts on the First Amendment, which you and I know because we sat through law school, we understand there are limits to the first amendment. There need to be limits to the First Amendment on -- and there are. And there need to be limits to the Second Amendment -- and there are.

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