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Carney On Cabinet Diversity: Picks Based On Qualifications, Not Gender

DAN LOTHIAN, CNN: I know you touched on this a little bit yesterday, but is diversity a consideration as the President goes through this process?

REPORTER: Check your binder for that. (Laughter.)

JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE: I can say that, as I did yesterday, that the President values diversity, believes it’s important because it enhances the quality of the pool of potential nominees for positions across the administration. He believes that by looking broadly for candidates for offices that he ups the chances that he’ll find the very best person for the job. And I think that the diversity of his administration both at the Cabinet level and here at the White House and elsewhere reflects a process that was designed to allow him to find the very best candidates. And he thinks that diversity enhances the process itself, the policy process, because it sort of increases the likelihood of a broader discussion potentially.

But the goal in the end is to find the very best individuals for these specific positions. And he feels he has done that with Secretary Hagel, with John Brennan, with Senator Kerry -- I think I said “Secretary Hagel” -- getting ahead of myself -- Senator Hagel. And that will be what guides him as he makes further decisions.

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