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Krauthammer: "Barack Obama Has Zero Interest In Cutting Spending"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: We heard Pelosi, with apologies to John Paul Jones, which she and the president said last week we have not begun to tax and to spend. They've been open about this. As she said, she said, 'We'll, we got you on rates, that is round one. Round two, is we're going to squeeze the money out of you by eliminating deductions and loopholes.'

Look, it seems to me with the Boehner interview that Republican leadership is finally beginning to understand what some of us have been arguing now for four years. Barack Obama has zero interest in cutting spending. Churchill once said, I did not become the King's first minister to preside over the liquidation of the British empire. Obama is saying, I did not become president of the United States to preside over the liquidation over the welfare state or the contraction of it, and we saw it in his actions. The biggest expansion of entitlements with Obamacare, the biggest spending bill in American history with the stimulus. And now what we saw with the fiscal cliff negotiations and now we have -- it isn't just in deeds -- but in words when he said to the speaker, we're not interested in spending cuts because spending is not the problem.

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