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Krauthammer Praises Boehner, Ryan For Taking Hit Over "Bad Deal"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: When they took the vote on January 1 to approve the fiscal cliff deal, it was already -- technically taxes had already been raised. It was over, the fight was over. If they had done nothing, you would of had the taxes going up on everybody, you would of had the blame on Republicans. And I would actually commend Boehner and Paul Ryan, who in the end voted yes for a bad deal -- that they had to do -- for some courage, knowing it was a deal that was really awful, but there was no alternative. And being in the leadership, taking a hit rather than letting somebody in the back benches have to do it for them.

But they have to be united from now on. Once they split, as happened right now, all power will devolve to the president, the Senate and Pelosi and they will be irrelevant.

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