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Ann Coulter: "The NRA Needs A Better Spokesman"

ANN COULTER: The NRA needs a better spokesman. I was watching Wayne LaPierre on Meet The Press this weekend and -- is he the only gun rights supporter who has not read John Lott's book? When he was asked by David Gregory, 'is your objective, of the NRA, to have as few people killed as possible -- something to that effect -- a few children killed?' There was hemming and hawing … the answer is: Get this right-wingers, get this gun supporters; yes, yes, yes!

And there is one way to stop innocents from being gunned down by lunatics -- who by the way, we can also jump on the mental health profession in this regard. All these nuts. And we have these people being pushed in front of subways every other day in New York. Can we lock some of these people up? They can be in nice, friendly hospitals, but we have to deal with these nuts on the street. That is part of, you know, the left's therapeutic culture. (Sean Hannity Show, December 28, 2012)

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