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Michelle Obama: "I Think I've Done Pretty Well" At Biting My Tongue

In a joint interview with Barbara Walters that aired on the Wednesday broadcast of ABC News' "Nightline," President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama discussed their patience for the political process.

Michelle Obama says the ability to keep her opinions private didn't "happen right away," which led the president to say she has a "bigger difficulty biting her tongue."

The first lady disagreed with the president's observation and said she believes she has "done pretty well at that."

Walters jumped in and asked if the couple has ever "shushed" each other.

"Are you kidding? We've been married for 20 years, what you think I'm going to go 'shh' to my wife?" the president said.

"Yeah, I've never heard 'shh' come out of his mouth," the first lady confirmed.

"I have opinions," she added.

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