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Mark Steyn Takes On "Snooty, Hoity-Toity" Piers Morgan

MARK STEYN, guest host for Rush Limbaugh (December 26, 2012): "Do you know this fellow, Piers Morgan? Piers Morgan. He’s one of these, you know, these snotty-voiced foreigners who came to America and wound up with some big time media gig. OK, not a big time media gig. It’s not like he’s on the Rush guest host roster or anything. But he has this show on CNN and he’s been ever since the Newtown massacre, he’s being anti-gun. He’s being pro-gun control. He’s actually not in favor of gun control — he just doesn’t think anyone should have guns. He just, he’s basically anti-gun. And when he has a pro-gun guest on, he just hectors them and says ‘You’re a stupid and contemptible man.’" (via Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

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