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Tapper To Carney On Benghazi Report: Have Enough Actions Been Taken?

ABC News' Jake Tapper asks White House press secretary Jay Carney if President Obama feels that a "sufficient" amount of accountability has been taken in response to the attack in Benghazi.

Tapper: Has the President read the Accountability Review Board’s report?

Carney: I don’t know. I know he has been briefed on it, I don’t know if he has read the report word-for-word, but he is a veracious reader so he may have.

Tapper: I believe one person has resigned and three have been -- stepped down from their current duties, but are still State Department employees. There might have been an update to that since I last read about it. Is that sufficient for the president? Is that enough accountability from the Accountability Review Board?

Carney: I think by every measure, the report has been assessed to have been sharply critical and very blunt and clear-eyed about both problems that exist, problems that need to be fixed, and the need for accountability, and actions have already been taken as you just noted.

Tapper: I’m wondering, again, is that enough?

Carney: Independent experts here, Admiral Mullen and Ambassador Pickering oversaw the Accountability Review Board, which I think everyone is judging to have been quite -- and the recommendations that they have made are being adopted in full. And there has already been, in this very short period of time, actions that demonstrate accountability is being upheld. I don’t -- I mean I haven’t had a discussion with the President, but I think he is both appreciative of Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen for the service they have provided here. The depth they have delved into in this report, the seriousness of the recommendations, and the speed with which they acted, and he intends to make sure that the Administration, as the Secretary of State has said, begins implementation of all these recommendations before the next Secretary of State takes office. Some of this will have to do with working with Congress to ensure that Congress provides the neccesary funds to allow for enhanced security at our diplomatic missions around the world., So, there’s obviously more action that needs to be taken, but this is a very serious report, and the president has indicated that he expects it to be implemented fully.

Tapper: I’m just wondering if the personnel --

Carney: I’m afraid I don’t have another answer for you. Four people have already been held accountable -- four senior people. I believe the president believes the recommendations and the actions taken have been the right ones.

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