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Limbaugh: Romney Would Have Won If He Ran A Conservative Campaign

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Let me tell you, folks, it isn't all bad. There are positives to be gleaned from what we think we've learned here. Well, we know that independents, for the first time in many, many moons, were of no relevance to an election outcome in 2012. Romney won huge in independents, five out of eight swing states. And therein lies what is intriguing to me. Now, Romney may not have been Reagan. Romney may not have been articulating the full-bore conservative message. But, Romney was clearly an alternative to Obama. Would you agree with that? I mean, he may not have been as pedal-to-the-metal conservative as you and I would like, but he clearly was an alternative to Obama, and where did the independents go?

Maybe you don't want to say they went to Romney, but they certainly abandoned Obama. From 2008 to 2012, they abandoned Obama. So a message, and maybe it wasn't even a message. Maybe it was that the independents just wanted no more of Obama, like the rest of us didn't. Maybe Romney didn't attract them. Maybe it was just anybody but Obama to them. But regardless, that's still good news. The good news here is that the independents, in striking numbers, wanted no more of this. And here is more good news, but it's challenging good news. It means that either a conservative message, a watered down conservative message, or simply no desire for socialism led independents to the Republican Party.

However, the problem now turns out to be -- and we know that between three and four million white Americans who voted in '08 for McCain did not vote in 2012. We have to assume that many of those are conservatives. We know that some conservatives didn't vote for whatever reasons. And what that means is the Republican Party did not get out its base. This is the good news. Had the Republican Party, had Romney torn off the blinders, gotten rid of the boundaries, had the Republican Party run a cheerful, informative, conservative, unabated, undiluted conservative campaign, Obama would have lost. I think it's safe to say, knowing what we know now, the independents abandoning Obama, for whatever reason, and for whatever reason it's good news.

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