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DeMint: "I'm Not Leaving To Be An Advocate For The Republican Party"

SEN. JIM DEMINT (R-SC): I’m leaving the Senate to work on ideas that I know work. I’ve seen them work all over our country. We can look all over our country and showcase these ideas that are working, and I know there is power in ideas, but I’ve learned one thing about the political environment: Unless there’s power behind the ideas, that they will not emerge here in the Congress. If there’s too much pressure on the outside from the status quo, or to protect some political interest, and no matter how much we show that it’s working, it won’t be adopted here unless we’re able to win the argument with the American people.

I spent most of my life in research and advertising and marketing and strategic planning. What I hope I can do from this point is to take these ideas and policies that I know work, and the Heritage Foundation for forty years has been creating the research and analysis that show these policies work, and what I hope I can do is to help connect those ideas with real people, real faces, and to show these people that these ideas are not theory, they’re not political policies, but they’re ideas that are working right at their state or the state right next to them.

And if we can win the arguments, if we can win the hearts and the minds of the American people with these ideas, I know that we can engage them and enlist them to convince all of you here to set the politics aside, the parties aside, and to adopt those ideas that work. My hope is to make conservative ideas so pervasive, so persuasive across the country, that politicians of all parties have to embrace those ideas to be elected.

I’m not leaving here to be an advocate for the Republican party. I hope that we can create more common ground between the political parties by showing everyone that ideas that work for their constituents and our constituents are right in front of our faces if we’re willing to set aside the pressure groups, the special interests, and just focus on what’s working.

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