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Carney Lashes Out At FOX News In Testy Exchange With Ed Henry Over Benghazi

JAY CARNEY: Immediately, accountability has been brought to bear, with regard to four individuals who are very senior. And your question is, why aren't they -- this is the State Department. Secretary of State said she understood that State Department security was under her watch and action has been taken. They're not taking the fall, Ed. Taking the fall suggests that this isn't accountability and responsibility, that';s what it is. What are you suggesting?

ED HENRY: I'm just asking the question of -- that was asked already about whether the accountability ends with those people. People at higher level said before the election that the buck stopped with them.

CARNEY: Well, I'm not sure what you're suggesting. You know, there were some individuals who made a lot of reporting that turned out to be entirely false, based on the paragraph I just read. Ed. And, the facts in the report are the facts. The accountability that's being taken is being taken.

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