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Ari Fleischer: Hagel Would "Be A Disaster" As Secretary Of Defense

ARI FLEISCHER: He'd be a disaster as Secretary of Defense because of the things he's said and the positions he's taken. For example, he's voted against sanctions for Iran. He's called instead for unconditional talks with Iran. Contrary to the Obama position, he's even said that a military strike against Iran should be flat out ruled out. He said it's not an option; it's not feasible, it shouldn't be considered.

So, I don't know why there'd even be talk that he should be appointed. And it's worse than that, Wolf. He's also called for direct talks with Hamas, the terrorist organization. And finally, during the Second Intifada when President Clinton was in office in October of 2000, he was one of only four Senators who refused to write a letter in support of Israel. So, he's a problematic choice for all issues in which the American people are unified about our approach to the Middle East. He's outside the mainstream of both parties on those issues.

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