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December 20, 2012 Archives

DeMint: "I'm Not Leaving To Be An Advocate For The Republican Party"
Michael Moore: America's Desire To Own Guns Tied To Racial Fears
Krauthammer: If "Plan B" Fails, Boehner's "Plan C" Is The Mayan Apocalypse
Greg Gutfeld Rips Professor For Calling Tim Scott A "Token"
Ari Fleischer: Hagel Would "Be A Disaster" As Secretary Of Defense
Carney Lashes Out At FOX News In Testy Exchange With Ed Henry Over Benghazi
Toure: NRA Wants Massacres And For Mentally Ill To Have Access To Guns
Carney: House GOP Has "Decided To Run Down An Alley That Has No Exit"
Limbaugh: Romney Would Have Won If He Ran A Conservative Campaign
Tapper To Carney On Benghazi Report: Have Enough Actions Been Taken?
Gun Advocate To Current TV's Cenk Uygur: "Calm Down And Take A Valium"
Superintendent Defends Texas Town's Policy Allowing Teachers To Carry Concealed Guns
Dennis Miller On The Fiscal Cliff, Best Places To Be Born & NFL
Malkin: We Pretend We Can Prevent The Sometimes Unpreventable
Sen. Rand Paul: Obama Will Get What He Wants, Taxes Are Going Up
Fireworks: Piers Morgan Battles Gun Advocate Again
Rubio: "Great Hypocrisy Of The Left" Is Idea Of Taxing To Get Less Of Something
Schumer: "We're Not Going To Take Away Your Gun If You're A Law-Abiding Citizen"
Sen. McConnell: Obama "Wants To Soak Everybody"
Sen. Reid: "Boehner's Plans Are Nonstarters In The Senate"
Newark Mayor Cory Booker To Explore Possible U.S. Senate Run
Dean: "Sensible" To Go Over Cliff; We Get Deficit Reduction, Fairer Tax System And Defense Cuts
Walsh: "John Boehner Is Going Off His Own Personal Political Cliff"
"Special Report" Panel On The Benghazi Report
O'Reilly: Why Isn't Obama Trying To Have Jon Hammar Freed?
Schultz: The Auto Bailout "Saved Over A Million Jobs"

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