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Obama Named TIME's "Person Of The Year" For 2012

TIME Magazine's Richard Stengel joins Morning Joe to explain why the president was chosen at their person of the year. Stengel said Obama is changing the country, and he should be recognized for it.

"He is the first president since [Franklin D. Roosevelt] to win with the majority vote in consecutive terms. He did that against an unemployment rate that was higher than anyone’s except FDR 75 years ago," said Rick Stengel, TIME magazine’s managing editor, on Morning Joe Wednesday.

"Obama doesn’t see his legacy in terms of an ideological imprint, like Ronald Reagan’s claim that 'government is the problem' or Bill Clinton’s admonition that the 'era of Big Government is over.' He says he just wants smarter government and a set of results that he can claim as he leaves office in early 2017: 'That we had steered this ship of state so that we once again had an economy that worked for everybody, that we had laid the foundation for broad-based prosperity and that internationally we had created the framework for continued American leadership in the world throughout the 21st century.' Recent history and current -headlines suggest he will fall short of achieving all those goals. But if he succeeds, it wouldn’t be the first time this leader beat expectations," TIME magazine further explained their choice.

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