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Family Pleads For Ex-Marine Son To Be Released From Mexican Jail

FOX News reports: Every day that former Marine Jon Hammar spends in a notorious Mexican prison can only worsen the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he suffers from after serving his country in multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to his family and mental health professionals.

Hammar has been in the notorious CEDES prison in Matamoros, Mexico since being arrested Aug. 13, on what his family says is a trumped up weapon charge. During the four-month ordeal, Hammar has faced death threats from the cartel gangsters that control the prison, been put in isolation and been chained to his metal bunk.

Hammar was honorably discharged from the marines in 2007 and, according to his father, Jon Hammar Sr., was diagnosed with PTSD in 2008. Hammar Sr. said his son had never been able to relax since coming home from the wars.

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