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Dershowitz: "Our Schools Should Be As Safe As Our Congress"

Alan Dershowitz, one of America's leading law professors and attorneys, appeared on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" to push for more school security rather than more gun control. (h/t Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

“There are better ways of addressing school safety,” Dershowitz said. “Look, I recently was in Congress and in the White House. And to get into any of those buildings, you have to go through one door first, and it locks behind you. Then you have to go through another door, and you get tested for metal and everything else. Our schools should be as safe as our Congress.”

“Look at buildings — you go to visit a law firm today, you can’t just walk up to see the partner,” Dershowitz said. “You have to go and present ID. It’s the reality of life. It’s far less restrictive of freedom if we have that than if we start locking people up based on suspicion, start controlling video games, start tinkering with the Second Amendment in its broadest sense. I think there are things we can do to make our schools safer, and they will require compromises with convenience. But we have to make our schools safer.”

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