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Dem Sen. Warner: "Enough Is Enough," We Need "Rational Gun Control"

“I believe every American has Second Amendment rights, the ability to hunt is part of our culture. I’ve had a NRA rating of an 'A' but, you know, enough is enough,” Sen. Warner said in an interview with WTVR-TV in Richmond. “I think most of us, realize that there are ways to get to rational gun control. There are ways to grapple with the obvious challenges of mental illness.”

“Now what those specifics ought to be, there will be time for that. Today the first two funerals of these children are taking place,” he said. “There should not be a Democrat or Republican position on this. It is time for this kind of senseless violence to end. There won’t be one perfect law to stop a crazy person from doing evil things. But when we have close to 30,000 killings a year from all types of gun violence, even if we save a few lives, we make progress.”

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