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Dem Congressman: Congress "Complicit" If No Action Taken On Gun Control

REP. JOHN LARSON (D-Connecticut) Not to act, Governor, I believe, makes this Congress complicit because we know this will happen again. And as we've seen throughout too many of our cities, there's too much heartache and too many vigils like we've experienced today.

Lowering the flags at half-mast, having a moment of silence, people's sincerity, and surely their heartfelt thoughts to everybody in Newtown are accepted and are wonderful. But what's required of elected officials is action, and now is the time to act. This is match that cannot be postponed and we are complicit, Congress is complicit if we do not take specific action.

I know it requires a deeper dialogue, I understand that this is a comprehensive problem. But it does begin, as your mayor of New York City (Bloomberg) has indicated, with restrictions on guns and with understanding that I believe we can bring the NRA along on this.

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