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Krauthammer On School Shooting: "This Is The Problem Of Evil And It's Been Struggled With Forever"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The first thing I think we have to say is: in trying to look at this or analyze this requires a huge amount of humility. The true factors that we do not know often -- even after these events are analyzed and thought through, we really don't know. This is the problem of evil and it's been struggled with forever.

I mean, what we do know about the current shooting is that people are going to divide into three camps, there are three elements here. You've got the psychology of the shooter, you’ve got the weapon, and you’ve got the cultural environment. And people will choose whatever cause they want to blame. They'll say guns were available, the laws ought to be tightened. Al though, the Brady campaign says that Connecticut has the four strictest laws in the country. And you've got the environment people on the right, and to say that our culture desensitizes young people in movies, in video games to killing in the way that older generations would find inconceivable and disturbing.

I tend to gravitate toward the psychology of the killer. I mean, when you think about the details of the crime; [he] began by shooting his mother in the face, taking her weapon and then destroying everything precious to her. Her colleagues and her children, and then killing himself. That is where I think I would start, al though I think all the issues have to be discussed.


KRAUTHAMMER: We live in a culture where you can't escape from these events, which itself is rather tragic. So, everybody is exposed. All you can do is provide them safety and love, that's all you can do. There are no explanations, I don't that's what you want to do. You just show them that you will protect them because you love them and they do not have to fear. That's all you can say.

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