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Krauthammer On What Role Of Government Should Be & What's A "Fair Share"

KRAUTHAMMER: The whole question of what's a fair share is a liberal's question. Taxation is not a moral issue, taxation is an issue of necessity. How much is needed to pay for the roads, the bridges and to raise the armies. The idea that you decide on what people pay on the basis of what you think is a fair amount that should be taken from them. Look, in a real, pure world -- an ideal world -- a fair share of taxation is zero.


KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I believe that when you look at the issue of taxation, when you ask, as liberals do, what's the fair share, the idea is that the government has a claim on your earnings. A certain amount, who knows how much, and then it spends with it as it wants.

Now with a church, when it tithes, you say yes, it has one-tenth claim on your earnings, and then it spends as it wishes. That's not how a government ought to work. A government ought to work from the other end. What do we need for roads and bridges, for raising an army, and in the modern economy -- a modern a state -- a safety net for people who can't provide for themselves. I think you start from there, and then you say, 'Okay, we need a X amount.'

If you ask what's the fair share, then you're giving the government, by right, a certain amount of your earnings and it can spend it any way it wants. It shouldn't.

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