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Rand Paul: Voting Present On Tax Hikes Would Be Better For GOP

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says if would be better for Republicans to vote present on President Obama's proposal to raise tax rates and allow it to pass than to go off the "fiscal cliff." Paul says that would force Democrats to take ownership of the economy's reaction to a tax hike.

Sen. Paul: If they surprise me and they call me up tonight and say, "what should we do?" Here's what we should do: We should, tomorrow, in the House, voe for what we believe in. Keeping the Bush tax rates as they are for everybody permanently, and cutting spending. Significant cuts in spending and reform entitlements. I have a bill that saves social security and saves Social Security and saves Medicare by reforming them. Let's pass some of those bills and then when the Democrats won't accept it, then let's vote present and let them raise the taxes in the House, and then when it comes to the Senate, the Republican senators vote no, and it becomes like ObamaCare: A Democrat juggernaut. They get what they want, but it will be bad for the economy. But, their fingerprints will be on it and ours won't.

Cavuto: The polls say it will be the Republicans' fingerprints on it; do you buy that?

Paul: That depends on what happens. If the Republicans all decide, let's vote for raising the taxes half as much as Obama wants, and we still have a tax increase and Republicans are for it, it kinda ruins what we stand for. What we stand for is limited government and less taxation, so I think if we go halfway and split the difference with him, I think, then, both parties have their hands on it.

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