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Gov. Snyder: Right-To-Work Law Gives Unions Chance To "Better Present Their Value Case"

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder discusses the right-to-work legislation in his state on "FOX & Friends."

"This is one of those issues that it's important to move forward with because it's all about being pro-worker," he said. "This is about giving the workers the freedom to choose whether their resources go to a union or not, and I actually don't view this as anti-union because it really gives the unions an opportunity to better present their value case, and if people see value, they should join. If they don't, why should their resources go there?

"And, as a practical matter, the other thing this can do in Michigan is bring more and better jobs to Michigan. Indiana's had a strong experience. They did similar legislation back in February. They've seen thousands of jobs come to Indiana, and those jobs could also come to Michigan."

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