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FNC's Political Insiders On Divided GOP, Fiscal Cliff, Entitlements & President Hillary

Doug Schoen, Pat Caddell and fmr. Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY) weigh in on how House Speaker John Boehner is trying to come up with a fiscal cliff deal that satisfies his fractured GOP caucus.

The political insiders also opine on the debt limit, reforming entitlements, baseline spending cuts and a possible run for president by Hillary Clinton in 2016. (via Johnny Dollar)

On handling of the fiscal cliff …

SCHOEN: It has been a wasted week. The Republicans are divided. And as the poll numbers suggest it very clearly, the Republican brand is weakening; they're getting the blame. I believe they are trying to cobble together something to avoid going over the cliff. Boehner as asserted his control over a fractured caucus, Greg, and bottom line, it remains to see if they can get a better deal.

LEBOUTILLIER: Republicans are in total disarray. Boehner has stepped in, he has fired four members of the House off their committees -- conservatives, Tea Party people. The Tea Party is in descendancy in the House, since the election. Cantor is not in the room. Boehner, I believe, is trying to do the grand bargain because he thinks it will be the best thing. Not only for the country, but for the Republicans.

CADDELL: Republicans aren't even talking to each other. Cantor doesn't talk to Boehner. And nobody talks to McConnell. And he went off and -- start pursuing this debt ceiling limit, which I believe is an Achilles' heel for the president. Could be something for the Republicans to challenge the president on for overreaching.


On a Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy …

LEBOUTILLIER: This woman should not be running for president of the United States … because she's lived off the fact, as Newt said, she was married to Bill Clinton, who is a super-politician.

She, out of sympathy, gets a U.S. Senate from New York, is in the Senate for eight years. The biggest thing she does is vote for the War in Iraq, which cost her her frontrunner status in the nomination in '08. She has done nothing as Secretary of State, really, except for one thing: denied extra security in Libya when they asked for it.

CADDELL: My think with it is, look at First Ladies. I mean, suddenly first ladies -- I mean, it used to be that vice presidents were going to be elevated, or, you know, or Senate Majority Leaders. No, now the new stepping stone is [being First Lady].

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