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Krauthammer: "Without Unity, The Republicans Are Going To Crack"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, that is because it's clear that the economic proposals, the fiscal proposals won't do anything about debt. And it's clear that his pretense that we are going to have to, that you can't get to the tax hikes he wants through rising, through raising the rates -- without raising rates, he contradicts himself. He said exactly the opposite. All of this is about the politics of it. He thinks he won the election. And now he can use the crisis over the fiscal cliff to force Republicans to go against the position they have had for 20 years, like Bush Senior with read my lips, and essentially create a civil war among Republicans.

And the fact that someone here said that the ball is in the president's court. He's holding the ball, he's not serving it. They haven't offered anything. They have stood exactly in the same place. Geithner makes a completely unserious offer that McConnell laughed at the offer because it was so outrageous. Essentially, he wants everything out of Republican and offers nothing in reductions, in entitlements, or in discretionary spending. They walk away and they won't, I assure you they're not going to offer anything. They're going to try to run out the clock, because what they can see on the Republican side is panic and defections. Even though there are stories about unity in the House. Without unity, the Republicans are going to crack.

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