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Wasserman Schultz: DeMint "Clearly Sees That The Tea Party Is Not A Growth Industry

"I think Senator DeMint clearly sees that the Tea Party is not a growth industry," DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said on Current TV's "Viewpoint" tonight. "I mean, he had an election that just passed that did not see the ranks of Tea Party members expand. The Senate candidates that he expected to be very likely to join him in the Senate were rejected in red states by the voters who simply know that extremism is not the way that we need to go forward in getting our economy turned around, in reducing our deficit and creating jobs."

"And so, I think when Jim DeMint looked around he looked and saw a future where he would be standing by himself, very often. And likely facing a greatly dwindling number of Tea Party advocates and allies. So, I think he think he headed for the doors because he thinks that probably, as he said, the only way that he's going to have a significant impact is through a think tank," Wasserman Schultz said to host Eliot Spitzer.

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