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McConnell Offers To Vote On Obama's Fiscal Cliff Plan, Reid Objects

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding his proposal to give Democrats an opportunity to vote on the President’s $1.6 trillion tax hike plan. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid objected to holding a vote on the bill.

McCONNELL:“If the President’s proposal was made in good faith, Democrats should be eager to vote for it. So I’m surprised the Majority Leader just declined the chance for them to support it with their votes.

“I guess we’re left to conclude that it couldn’t even pass by a bare majority of votes, and that they’d rather take the country off the cliff than actually work out a good-faith agreement that reflects tough choices on both sides.

“To be fair to the Secretary and the President, we didn’t just put together a bill that included his $2 trillion tax increase – we also added the almost $400 billion in new tax stimulus measures he wanted as well. This bill contained a continuation of the payroll tax holiday, a 10 percent credit for new wages that will go to businesses big and small, and it included a fix to one of the many flawed provisions of Obamacare – an expansion of a tax credit for businesses that no one uses. This proposal reflected exactly what was in the President’s budget and his various submissions to Congress.

“I for one was eager to see what Democrats in the Senate support this totally unrealistic proposal. I think folks should know who actually wants to raise taxes on family farmers and manufacturers, and who thinks we can solve our fiscal problems without doing anything serious to our real long term liabilities.

“Democrats are so focused on the politics of this debate they seem to forget there’s a cost. They’re feeling so good about the election, they’ve forgotten they’ve got a duty to govern.

“A lot of people are going to suffer a lot if we go off this cliff.

“That’s why we assumed Democrats wanted to avoid it. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something together.

“Apparently we were wrong.”

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