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December 5, 2012 Archives

Krauthammer: Obama Wants To "Break" Republicans, "Create A Civil War In The House"
Coulter: Republicans Have To Make Sure That "This Economy Gets Blamed On Obama"
Bill O'Reilly vs. Bob Costas Over Anti-Gun Comments
Dennis Miller: Obama Should Just Say "He Wants To Tax Successful People"
Rick Santelli: You Can't Cut Money You're Not Spending
Eric Cantor: An Obsession To Raise Taxes Will Not Solve The Problem
Marco Rubio Addresses Middle Class Opportunity At Kemp Foundation Dinner
Mr. Burns Of "The Simpsons" Explains The Fiscal Cliff
Geither: "Absolutely" Willing To Go Over Fiscal Cliff
Boehner: Obama Needs To Offer Budget Plan "That Can Pass"
Question To Carney On Ambassadors: What Are Their Qualifications?
Steyn: Obama Aims To Finish Work Of FDR, LBJ To Create "A Big Sweden"
McConnell Offers To Vote On Obama's Fiscal Cliff Plan, Reid Objects
Obama Warns GOP Against Debt Ceiling Fight: "I Will Not Play That Game"
Bush: "Benevolent" Immigration Reform Needed To Boost Economy
Alan Simpson Dances To "Gangnam Style" To Bring Attention To Country's Debt
Obama In 2011: We Can Get $1.2 Trillion In Revenue Without Raising Rates
California Teachers Union Cartoon Video Has Rich Urinating On Poor
Jon Stewart On Congress' Handling Of "Totally Solvable Budget Problem"
Detroit Councilwoman To Obama: We Voted For You, Now Bail Us Out
Bob Costas: I Was Talking About The "Gun Culture," Not Gun Control
Maddow: In Boehner's Offer, Republicans Get Everything They Want
Chris Matthews: "Good Politicians Don't Take Their Countries Off Cliffs"
"Special Report" Panel On The GOP And Immigration Reform

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