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Scarborough: When Does Obama Realize He Should Step Up?

SCARBOROUGH: You’re the historian, John, really quickly. And people may see this as being ideological on my part; it’s not ideological on my part. A hundred years from now, no one is going to remember John Boehner’s name. No one is going to remember Harry Reid’s name. Nobody’s going to believe for a second, twenty years from now that John Boehner and Harry Reid were the architects of any deal or any failure. When does the President realize that he is sitting in the chair of Thomas Jefferson? Of Abraham Lincoln, of Woodrow Wilson, of TR, of FDR, of JFK, of Ronald Reagan. When does he realize that and step up? And start doing what Abraham Lincoln did. And buy them off, charm them off, beat them up, build a bridge? When is he going to do that?

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