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Hillary Clinton Presented With Tribute Video Featuring World Leaders

The Saban Forum 2012 (which focuses on Middle East issues as related to U.S. foreign policy) kicked off with a keynote speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton's remarks were immediately preceded by a tribute video to her career in service of the United States.

President Barack Obama, Senator John McCain, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others are featured offering praise for Secretary Clinton's life, career, and good works.

"From someone who knows a thing or two about political comebacks, I can tell you I don't think we've heard the last of Hillary Clinton," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says of Clinton in the tribute.

"I just have an instinct that the best is yet to come," Tony Blair says.

"I'll say it again, you've been one of the best Secretaries of State in American history," President Obama said in a taped message. "Finally, Hillary, a lot has been said about our relationship, and here's what I know. You haven't just been one of my closest partners, you've become a great friend."

"I'm so grateful for your grace, your humor, your friendship," Obama added.

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