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"The Cycle" Discusses Gun Control & Bob Costas' Comments

The Cycle hosts discuss NBC’s Bob Costas’ statements on gun control during Sunday night’s Cowboys-Eagles game in the wake of Kansas City Chiefs’ Jovan Belcher tragedy. The panel's lone conservative S.E. Cupp battles Steve Kornacki over gun control and the second amendment.

S.E. Cupp says the discussion over gun control does a major disservice to domestic violence, which led to Belcher killing his wife.

"We're talking about the weapons, we're not talking about the domestic violence. And that does a huge disservice to the woman who is in that situation -- who is done no service by Bob Costas, of all people, irresponsibly going out and telling millions of NFL viewers that they have permission to blame guns instead of the person who pulled the trigger," Cupp said.

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