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Grover Norquist vs. CNBC's Jim Cramer On Tax Hikes

β€œ[Norquist] is talking about seducing, that the Republicans have been seduced β€” you’re talking about impure thoughts,” Cramer said. β€œThis is not a pornographic debate, Grover. What this is about is avoiding a recession, which is going to happen. I know you don’t want a recession. You don’t want people laid off. You’re going to sacrifice that for the cross of two percent? Is that what you want?”

β€œNo, you have to listen to both what the Republicans are talking about β€” and again, I’m supportive of the Republican position, which is we need to have economic growth, not higher taxes,” Norquist replied. β€œIf we grew at four percent a year instead of two percent a year β€” Reagan levels instead of Obama levels β€” for one decade, we would need net $5 trillion in additional revenue. That would pay down the debt that Obama has run up, the Solyndra stimulus dollars.”

(h/t Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

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