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O'Reilly: What The Heck Is President Obama Doing?

BILLO'REILLY: "President Obama is doing something very strange right now. He knows we're a divided nation and he also knows we have a budget situation that could send the country into bankruptcy. So it is on the President to solve the problem! This week Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner offered the President's plan, which would raise taxes on high earners by $1.6 trillion over the next decade. But on the spending front, there isn't anything substantial on the table. The President is basically saying, 'I'm not going to cut much and blank you if you don't like it!' I think President Obama wants the Republicans to oppose him, believing the American people will become angry with the GOP. It's a political strategy that is putting the entire country at risk. Many Republicans have already said they'll go along with some tax hikes, so why is the President being so in-your-face about this? He's doing the same thing with the Susan Rice situation; earlier this week he said he thinks the U.N. Ambassador is doing a great job. Are you kidding me? So it doesn't seem like Mr. Obama wants to run the country efficiently. Maybe he'll compromise in the end, but now we have a 'my way or the highway' situation. The American people deserve better. We have huge financial problems in this country, problems that every single one of us will feel if the dollar tanks. C'mon, Mr. President, put forth something reasonable and get off the politics."

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