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Congressman On Petraeus: "I'm Not Sure The President Was Not Told Before Election Day"

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says he isn't sure that President Obama did not know about David Petraeus' extramarital affair prior to the election.

REP. MIKE ROGERS: I have all the respect for David Petraeus and I hope his family goes through a healing process and then he’ll move on with his life, but if you’re a brand new case officer at the CIA and have an undisclosed relationship and an undisclosed way of communicating outside of the bounds, you get fired. Why? Because it’s a counterintelligence threat to someone who has very sensitive and classified information. That’s how it got started. And it probably should have been brought forward earlier as a national security threat, both to Congress and other players.

GREGORY: You think the president should have been told before Election Day?

REP. ROGERS: I’m not-- I'm not sure the president hasn’t-- was not told before Election Day. The attorney general said that the State Department-- excuse me-- the Department of Justice did not notify the president. But we don’t know if the attorney general did.

GREGORY: You think the president-- that’s new-- that’s news that the president knew before Election Day.

REP. ROGERS: I didn’t say that.

GREGORY: You don’t…

REP. ROGERS: I said-- I said I don’t know. I will tell you…

GREGORY: You think there’s no evidence that he did.

SEN. FEINSTEIN: There is no evidence of that.

REP. ROGERS: The attorney general knew months before this.


REP. ROGERS: There was no formal notice to both Congress or the intelligence community.


REP. ROGERS: I find it-- we just have to ask the question. I hope he’ll come out and talk to us about it.

SEN. FEINSTEIN: I spoke to the attorney general.

REP. ROGERS: We could-- we could resolve-- we could resolve this very quickly with a conversation in the intelligence spaces if he did have that conversation with the president.

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