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"Real Time" Panel On Benghazi Scandal

David Frum, Michael Moore, Ana Navarro and host Bill Maher debate Benghazi on his HBO program "Real Time."

Panelist Michael Moore first joked that Republicans believe President Obama was behind the consulate attack and later chimed in that the ongoing investigation about Benghazi is a witch-hunt. Fellow panelists David Frum and Republican strategist Ana Navarro countered Moore to defend investigating what really happened. Transcribed highlights below.

MOORE: His plot was, he was responsible, he killed those people in Benghazi, don't you know? Obama did this! That's why we have to have a Watergate hearing.


MOORE: You seem more angry at President Obama than the killers who killed these Americans. You don't mention them. You never mention them. Obama, Obama, Obama!

FRUM: That turns it upside down. What we're saying is the president and the people around the administration, for reasons of self-protection, actually put the blame for this attack on --

MOORE: A horrible incident happened, and everyone feels bad about it, and they're going to work to makes sure it doesn't happen again. Isn't that good enough?

NAVARRO: In order for it not to happen again, we need some answers of what happened now. We don't have those answers.

MOORE: You want a witch-hunt.

NAVARRO: No, it's not a witch-hunt.


MOORE: Senator McCain leading this charge is so hysterical. If you remember, back in the summer of '09, not that long ago, he was sitting in a tent with Gaddafi in Libya, praising him and telling him how we're going to be allies now. We're going to see what we can do about those C-130s that you bought back in 1972 -- I'm going to talk to Lockheed for you, we're going to get you those planes.

NAVARRO: Michael, also not too long ago, he was sitting with Ambassador Stevens. This is personal for him, this was his friend.

MOORE: This is personal revenge against a man who has sour grapes. And grapes go sour in five days, not four years.

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