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Krauthammer: Obama Threw Intelligence Community Under The Bus To Push "Al Qaeda Is Dead" Narrative

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think what was most interesting about what the Senator said was that he wasn't willing to allow the CIA or the intelligence community to be thrown under the bus and to have all the blame placed on them, which is clearly what the administration is trying to do.

The president says that Susan Rice was simply listening, repeating what the CIA and others had said. And he's saying, look, we've now begun to hear from the CIA, and the rest of the intelligence community and whatever their assessment was, this was a political statement coming from a president who was, remember, one week after a convention where they were dancing on the grave of bin Laden and saying al Qaeda is dead at a time when we now know that al Qaeda affiliates were active all around North Africa and most likely behind this attack. So that it was a way to shave the story, emphasize, and as I said before, for Susan Rice to be unequivocal that it was a mob and not al Qaeda to maintain the administration narrative.

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