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Greg Gutfeld On The "Benghazi Blame Game"

GUTFELD: Responding to the Benghazi mess, President Obama said Susan Rice had the best intel available. The White House caterer knew this was a terror attack before Obama and Rice did.

Yes, the President blames some of their actions on the fog of war, while claiming to be perfectly clear on others. This is the sort of an excuse you get from a kid who broke mommy's vase. Only here it wasn't a vase, it was American lives.

Obama knows, Obama doesn't know. Who knows? Certainly not us. And mommy ain't buying it and she's getting impatient. Despite Obama's murky explanations and tough guy act at the lectern, the whole affair makes as much sense as a left-handed frying pan.

Remember, Obama claims he called Benghazi terror the day after. Yet, Rice said it wasn't, which Obama says was his position. Ahh!

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