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Larry Elder On How To Sell Free Market Capitalism To Black Voters

Larry Elder, nationally syndicated radio host and author of the new book "Dear Father, Dear Son," appeared on CNBC's "Kudlow Report" with host Larry Kudlow on Tuesday to discuss government dependence and how to sell capitalism to black voters.

LARRY ELDER: You do it the way you just now did it. Look them in the eye, speak to people like they're adults, not like they're children. When I see Republicans speak before black audiences, often they talk about how they used to march with Martin Luther King, or their dad marched with Martin Luther King. They don't talk about issues; they don't talk about economics; they don't talk about the face that when you raise taxes, you actually create the situation of where there is fewer jobs.

My dad used to tell me that no poor person ever gave me a job. And black people, if you talk to them like adults, they'll respond. When I talk to black people and tell them about privatization of Social Security, for example, it will disproportionately benefit them, they get it. When I talk to black people about having choice in education, they get it. They want choice. And Democrats are opposed to it. If there is any issue that I think that might be able to make black people rethink their assumptions, my goodness.

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