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Karl Rove: GOP Needs To Copy Howard Dean's Strategy

"I hate to say it, but we need to copy what Howard Dean did," Karl Rove said on Sean Hannity's radio program this Monday. "And that is make our ground game in all 50 states."

"We didn't have a ground game in a lot of these states with Senate races and so we lost North Dakota by 3,300 votes," Mr. Rove said.

Rove also said the Republican party needs to drop the large amount of debates and stop allowing liberal media figures to moderate them.

"The number of debates that we had was jaw-dropping. And most of the time we had some liberal media figure whose intention was to depict the GOP and conservatives as some nut fringe group. We had debates in which most of the questions were on abortion and contraception and very little on jobs, economy, deficit, debt, spending and health care," he said.

(h/t TPM)

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