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Krauthammer Explains Amnesty With Border Control Position

"If you show the America people that the 12 million or so illegal immigrants are the last cohorts to come in to the U.S. because we will control the border, then I think the inherent generosity of Americans, the fellow feeling and the good will will prevail," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer explained on FOX News' "Hannity" on Friday night. "And the overwhelming majority of Americans will say, 'If you can assure me that this is the last cohort of illegal immigrants and we control the border, well, yes, let's legalize their status.' I would give them amnesty, not including citizenship for the generation that came illegally. But legalize their status, they don't have to live in the shadows. I think it would be a winning issue."

"I argued it on the merits in 2006, not because of the Hispanic vote. But today, I think, I would get an audience of conservatives as the result of the debacle among the Hispanic vote. We changed one policy, we say enforcement then legalization, and I think we could change the whole dynamic of Republicans and the Latino vote," Krauthammer said to guest host Liz Cheney.

"The idea is not to become a second liberal party, it's to be conservative but to do it better and I think that generation is right at hand. It isn't a time for retreat or for despair," Krauthammer argued.

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