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Feinstein: No Connection Between Petraeus Resignation And Benghazi

CHRIS WALLACE, "FOX News Sunday" moderator: Let me ask you, and you raised the hearings and we're get into that in a moment. But, Petraeus was supposed to testify in a closed hearing that your committee is going to hold this Thursday about the attack on Benghazi. Now, because Petraeus has stepped down, his deputy -- now acting Director replaces him -- Mike Morell will testify in his place. One, are you going to insist on hearing from Petraeus at some point and, secondly, do you think there is any link between his resignation and the events in Benghazi?

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CA): On the events in Benghazi, and his resignation, absolutely not. And, I think if you really think this thing out, you -- everybody will couple to that same conclusion. So, that's that. With respect to calling Director Petraeus or former Director Petraeus, before the committee, that will be a committee decision. The hearing will begin with the DNI, Jim Clapper and Mike Morell, who is now acting Director of the CIA, and Matt Olsen of the Counterterrorism Center.

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