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Mark Shields: Obama "Has Never Been The Angry Black Man"

MARK SHIELDS: A couple of quick points, Judy. First of all, we don't see an emotional Barack Obama. He's a very cool customer in public. We see the big smile. And we see occasional pursed lips to express either solemnity or displeasure. But that's about the register and the range of emotions we have seen. What we saw there, I think, yes, partly fatigue, but obviously authentic and genuine. After -- at that event, talking to one of the young people there who I know who has worked the last 18 months, 18 hours a day, seven days a week, the president went to each of the people, 700, individually and hugged and shook hands with each one of them. And it was quite an incredible moment for them. But, obviously, this was something that he felt, as well as just expressed verbally.

JUDY WOODRUFF: We only have a little bit of time. But why do we think he hasn't shown that side of himself before?

SHIELDS: He's never been the angry black man. I mean, Barack Obama rose to political prominence and success in this country controlling his emotions. He's got a wonderful smile. And the smile is quite disarming and engaging and really winning. But he's never -- he doesn't show the dark side. There's never the scowl. There's never the loss of temper, even very rarely raising his voice. And I think it had to be just an act of incredible discipline as part of his political career.

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