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Andrew Sullivan: Romney's Mormonism Was Relevant During Campaign

During a discussion of Mormonism on HBO's "Real Time," host Bill Maher and Daily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan, a guest panelist, expressed their dismay that Mormonism wasn't a topic of discussion during Mitt Romney's campaign for the presidency. Sullivan seemed especially hurt.

"Why was Mormonism off limits? And nobody asked during the campaign. A religion is just beliefs and this is his brief, and it's relevant," Maher said.

"Especially since he's in the party that says religion and politics can not be separated," Sullivan said. "The question for me though was not theological beliefs, because all of us, including me as a Catholic, and other religions have beliefs that other people think are completely loopy. The question for me was, if he had belong to all white golf club until 1978 -- as Mormons banned black people from their temples as full members until 1978 -- and went on a mission to keep that golf club white, would that had come up in this election? Yes it would."

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