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"Real Time" Panel Fights Over Bush Foreign Policy vs. Obama Foreign Policy

On the online only "Overtime" segment of HBO's "Real Time" with host Bill Maher, panelists, especially Andrew Sullivan and S.E. Cupp, got in a heated but passionate argument over President Obama's foreign policy.

Andrew Sullivan argued Mitt Romney basically endorsed Obama's foreign policy during the debates. However, S.E. Cupp claims Obama has embraced George W. Bush's foreign policy with the invasion of Libya, and other countries, and his support of drones.

"Obama's foreign policy is Bush's foreign policy," Cupp said. "Obama went into Libya illegally, without asking Congress. We have boots on the ground in Uganda. He makes Bush look like a Quaker."

"Quakers do not torture people," Sullivan said with a bulging neck vein.

"A kill list! Extra judicial killings!" Cupp said.

"George Bush is a war criminal!" Sullivan said while pointing his finger at Cupp.

"You guys have no credibility if you're not going to acknowledge -- if you're not going to acknowledge Obama," Cupp shot back.

"I'm sorry, but to hear someone say that this war criminal administration that tortured human beings, invaded two countries on the basis -- in one case of absolutely false evidence is the equivalent of Obama!" a wired Sullivan said.

The whole panel, which also included James Carville, duked it out in for nearly the entire several minute segment which airs online immediately following the television broadcast on Friday night.

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