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Mitt Romney Interviewed On ESPN's "Monday Night Football"

Mitt Romney spoke to ESPN's Chris Berman about the campaign trail, sports and running the 2002 Winter Olympics.

"You see people who when they're pushed to their limit are able to dig extraordinary deep ... with determination, and passion, conviction, sometimes patriotism, loyalty to their teammates. It's a place where you see what is beneath the surface of an individual human being and you come away inspired," Romney said about the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Romney also addressed performance-enhancing drugs.

"We've seen some of the greats in the world come down off their pedestal because of performance-enhancing drugs," he said. "We have to continue to battle that. We have to make sure our technology keeps up with the people that are trying to skirt around the law.

"But ultimately, we get the bad guys who made the mistakes," he said. "And that's going to have to change in this country. We're going to have to change the culture that says to people using performance-enhancing drugs is acceptable. It is simply not."

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