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Krauthammer Gives Romney 3 Paths To Victory In Electoral Prediction

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer gives his electoral projections on the night before the election.

KRAUTHAMMER: People are talking about how difficult and narrow the Romney path is. I think it's not. You've got to start with one thing -- he's going to keep a solid South. I have every confidence he's going to win in Florida, in North Carolina and Virginia. If he doesn't win the South, he's not going to win elsewhere anyway. If you start with that assumption, which I do, then he's got three paths.

(1) He can do Ohio plus New Hampshire. New Hampshire's a dead heat. Ohio's extremely close, but the intensity is with Romney and also Republicans tend to be somewhat undercounted in the polls anyway. If Romney does that, he wins.

(2) If not Ohio, he can do it through Colorado plus Wisconsin. Colorado's a dead heat; Wisconsin, he's behind. But, Wisconsin has been solidly Republican for the last two years, through the midterm elections and three recalls. So they're organized and they've got a lot intensity, and they have the favorite son, Paul Ryan.

(3) Finally, if [Romney] doesn't win any of these states, outside of the South, he can do it one way: Pennsylvania. Why? Because it's virgin country. There's been no anti-Romney ads laid down as in Ohio and Romney has poured in $10 million, his side, in the last week [compared] to $3 million for the Democrats. It's a long-shot, but if he wins that then he needs just one electoral vote. Half of the state of Maine, the first Congressional district. Or he can do it with New Hampshire, or Colorado, or really anything. I think he's got a path and any one of those three would work.

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