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"Daughters For Obama" Video Uses Kids To Push For Abortion Rights

From the YouTube description: Daughters ask their mothers to make the right choice so when they grow up they, not the government, will be able to make choices about their health and their bodies.

A few months before I was born, my grandmother got pregnant. She was well over 50, and had two grown up sons including my father. She did not want to have another child and she was scared for so many reasons including the baby's health. But it was illegal to have an abortion so she had no choice. My grandmother had always wanted a little girl and she gave birth to one - my Aunt Felice. Felice was an adored child, dressed beautifully and doted on.

But Felice was born with Downs syndrome. I remember her because she was my age and we used to play together. I also remember her funeral. Because when Felice was 6, she died of Leukemia. Her death devastated my grandmother who was heartbroken and never fully the same. This is the kind of situation we're facing if we elect government officials who are pro-life.

Please pass this video on especially to mothers of daughters who could very well face a similar situation if we don't act and vote responsibly.

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