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Plouffe: Romney's Late Push For Pennsylvania A "Desperate Ploy"

PLOUFFE: Well, first of all, George, we have a great organization in Pennsylvania, much better than Governor Romney's. We've been working there for two years. So we've got a great organization, great volunteers.

Listen, this is a desperate ploy at the end of a campaign. I mean, to win Pennsylvania, Governor Romney would have to win two-thirds of the independents. He's not going to do that anywhere, much less Pennsylvania. So the truth is, they're throwing some ads up and Governor Romney is, you know, traveling in the state he's not going to win.

But what really matters in terms of the Electoral College is, we're the ones playing offense. George, as you know, a few weeks ago, Governor Romney's campaign was saying, oh, we're going to win Florida, we're going to win Virginia. On Monday, the day before the election, Governor Romney is going to Florida and Virginia. Why? Because he's at great risk of losing those states.

So in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, we're playing offense on states that they thought they had the inside track on, and they don't. So, you know, I think a lot of this is a smokescreen, to try and mask the fact that in the places that will decide this election from an Electoral College standpoint -- Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin -- they are -- it's going to be close, but they are definitely in a weak position heading into Election Day.

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